Wish.com Vs Shure | Mic Shootout - SM57

It's not everyday I get in front of the camera and test out one of my favourite microphones. The SM57 is without a doubt the audio industry's first choice when it comes to affordable quality dynamic microphones. It has been used on some of the greatest recordings in recent history and not just in the studio. It is a versatile Live mic, that gets used on just about everything. What makes it so great then? and why did I find it on Wish.com for $58AUD? Not sure, but I made a video to find out. If you read my last blog, which I'm sure you did lonely reader. Then you will know I unboxed this cheapo mic in an ASMR video, which has been uploaded to YouTube. I've recently tested this mic out in a pretty basic shootout with a genuine copy of the real SM57 to test the chops of this underpriced mystery mic. The sound sources were a snare drum and acoustic guitar and plays directly after the ASMR video, so watch till the end.  


Stephen Rumph