Bojack Sound Replacement - The First Real Spotting Session

I was really happy with how our first real spotting session went. Why was it real? I say that because our workflow was on point and we managed to finish before our projected finish time. As mentioned in my previous blog, we were extremely unprepared for our first session, making it more of a planning meeting. This was obviously beneficial, because we finished with two hours to spare and a whole lot of time for high fives.

Liam had suggested it would be the best for upcoming production workflow if we could do our asset list and session markers together and save us some time later on. Combing these two tasks makes the most sense, because it would be a bad case of double handling if we didn't. 

How We Marked the Session and Asset list

I went through the first half of the Pro Tools session and added makers with names and locations, while Liam input those positions and names into an excel spreadsheet, marking down exactly what we would need in our asset list. We kept this procedure going throughout the session and I found it something that worked well for us. Liam did a great job at keeping the spreadsheet consistent with colour keys and numbers, making it easier to name and input those sounds later. 

Ready to Pitch!

Doing an elevator pitch scares me in a way. I've never been good at staying on point, and that includes my writing. I'll hopefully be delivering my first digital elevator pitch to the channel this week, but why should I be nervous about it? It's only words on a screen. I've set myself large expectations for this and all of my projects, and I know that making it sound as good as I think it is, will be the hardest component of this project. A few years ago I saw Aaron Pugh deliver one of the best elevator pitches I've ever seen. Even if that doesn't exist, I want one. A butt warmer that charges your phone and connects to WiFi. He nailed it!, so i'm going to try use him for inspiration this time. If you haven't already, watch the video above. It's entertaining and well done, so go do it. 

What's Coming Up...

I'd like to spend the next week focusing on composing music for a game project that I've pitched. I am aiming to use a composition technique called Horizontal Re-sequencing, which you can read more about by clicking the link. The method I will most likely use is musical demarcation branching, which allows a musical cue to play at a particular measure of a bar. This would be the most likely method, because it falls closer to the project brief so far. I'll be talking more about this in an upcoming blog, as I begin to flesh out the details of this project. 



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