Trash Can Loops Part 2 - Post-Pitch Meet-Up

Since the last blog on my adventures into the gaming world, i've pitched my game, met my crew and have been really surprised and happy with the feedback and input i've received from Troy (My lead designer). It's only been two days since the pitch, and we've had two meetings outlining the possibilities and scope of our project. 

The Team So Far


Team Leader: Stephen Rumph

  • Music Production
  • FMOD Programmer
  • Sound Designer
  • Concept Creator






Lead Designer: Troy Finnegan

  • Game Design
  • Unity Programmer
  • Leading Design Team




There is another...the one they call, Kel. We'll meet him in our next meeting. 


First Two Meetings!

What Did We Discuss? (No Disclosure)

We had a very interesting chat about what brought us to do the things we are doing at SAE. It seemed having that chat made us lock in to our conversation during the last meeting, and it made it easier to say what we were feeling without any bruised egos. This may be the most important thing relating to our project, and will no doubt be a key factor in workflow and communication. 

Some production tactics we discussed were to do with the aesthetic image of the game, and how close to the references we could get it, while still remaining original. I reiterated the point that I plan to keep developing the game after the project, and to my chagrin, Troy was on the same page. He also suggested we make the character 3D, in order to make the character more human, and to make it easier with the time we have. We settled on two game references in Limbo and Inside

What's Next?

So far the job for music production is nearly done, and I will have to step into the role of team leader. I will spend the rest of this week getting all of my loops finished and converted them into wav files, then get cracking onto the FMOD programming side of things. In my next blog, I will talk about the different methods I can use to trigger my loops in time using FMOD. 

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