My 2D Game - Trash Can Loops

Great news online audience! I am making a game that is solely based around audio. I've been in the studio all week making house beats and ambient vibes, that will be ready to show to some game devs/designers on Monday.

The idea seems simple too me, and remembering the time I played Limbo, was a huge inspiration for the aesthetic of the potential game. Lets not get ahead of ourselves here though. They may not be able to do it. At the moment, it is all hypothetical until someone puts there hand up and says "YEP! pick me, i'll do it". 

What's The Idea? 

You're a cool garbage collector on the dirty city streets. Your job is to clean up the trash, but other people's' trash is your music. So, in order to get these streets clean, you will collect some loops. To make this sound good, I will use a variety of in key and in time 8 bar loops consisting of beats, bass lines, lead lines and ambience, I want to create a puzzle platform game in a black and white city environment, where the silhouette garbage collector interacts with trash elements on the ground.

When the player interacts with trash, they add a new section of music into the garbage bag (which they carry on there back, and grows as more loops get put into it) and as they move closer to an area, they will trigger a new ambient sound loop. If the player wants to remove a sound from the bag, they must find a designated recycling area and dispose of the garbage sound. This will get you between 1 - 50 points depending on what they recycled. This will be a fun way for anyone to make music and virtually recycle and will not require an ounce of musical talent, just a need to clean up the streets.

The Look!

  • Black and White tones
  • City landscape
  • 2D platform
  • Bursts of colour when sound is introduced


Aesthetic References

Music References

How I'll Make The Loops

I'm going to use Ableton 10 to make my initial beats and synth lines, and will use the latest version of FMOD to attach parameters to the loops. So far the loops I've made have been created with a mixture of quarter note grid and triplet mode (which I love). I found triplet grid mode particularly useful when trying to create some life in the drum and bass parts. 

Till Next Time...

Part two of this blog series will be after the pitch, which I will sit down with my selected team and brainstorm some ideas for this project. I'm excited, and ready to get this underway. At the moment, it looks like my timeline is between 4-7 weeks to have this done, so I hope my planning and studio work does the trick. 




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Stephen Rumph