Bojack Sound Replacement - Part 2 | The First Spotting Session

In the middle hours of yesterday the project hit it's first snag. Luckily, it's fixed (yay!), and in so doing I managed to pick myself up the original track from Bandcamp for $1. The problem we ran into was getting the original video in high quality with a decent sounding audio clip behind it.

It's definitely not the easiest video to track down, considering Netflix has an exclusive licence to the content and we only want 1min05sec of the episode. One of the videos I had viewed by James Mackay explained that getting the URL was as easy as going to the dev tools in chrome, and ripping what you need out of the embed code. Now, this sounds pretty straight forward, but i'm still not sure if going to a pirate site and taking the link out of the embed code is the best thing to do. 

So instead of actually doing any spotting for this project on Wednesday, we discussed the various sounds we might want to use to replicate, and things we might want to change in the track.

We found this video, which is Jesse Novak's work on Bojack, and it made us realise that this whole scene is part of one track so we may as well just buy the tune, then use it as a reference track. The variation in the music and episode, is the sound design that occurs in the middle of the track within the actual show. We are still going to try produce those sounds as well as the ones in the track. 

What's Next?

Now we have ourselves organised, we have a really good chance of having the spotting and asset list done by this Saturday. I'm still confident we are ahead of schedule, and that the pre-production we've done on paper is going to help us be ready to pitch our idea by next week. 







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