My 12 Week Challenge Doesn't Involve the Gym

My last 5 projects, felt a little empty by the time I had finished them, and there is probably one reason for that...Balance! Not the force balance or any other type of work life thing, just project balance. To make sure I have a fulfilling trimester, i'm going to be a strict project manager. I'm not saying it, i'm F#@ing doing it this time. To start out, here is a list of some of the projects I want to get done over the next 12 weeks. 

#1. Bojack Horseman Sound Replacement

I fell into this one, and i'm glad I did. Working with Liam on any project is great, but this one has me written all over it. I've already begun pre-production on this one, and it's going great. I'm excited to learn more about synching audio and animation in Pro Tools, and would really like to share the work with the original creators. 

#2. Composing Music for a Chantal Chan Film

Last trimester I threw my name in the hat to write music for another grad film. I appreciate the faith that all these film students put in me, but I would still like to use this trimester to learn more about Jazz piano, and using a few post-production techniques like Shepard Tones. I'll hopefully be working on the production audio as well, and that will give me an opportunity to work on set as a mixer. 

#3. ASMR Unboxing and Mic Shoot Out

Last trimester I bought a microphone from, but i'm not sure if the $37 I paid for it is going to be worth it. So, I will aim to prove myself wrong and hopefully find in an A-B test, that I have bought a hidden gem. I would also like to add the viral quality of ASMR and unboxing to boost the video's viewership. Here is a similar video, which is largely what inspired me to want to do this. 

#4. Integrating FMOD and Unity for a Game Project

I know I start off by saying "last trimester" a lot, but last trimester I didn't get to use FMOD for a project, which was not ideal. I felt as though it set me back, and I had been preparing to use it for months prior. I've begun the tutorials with Nick Metcalfe every Wednesday, and Unity tutorials with Steve on Friday. This will hopefully give me a leg up when I jump in to a project. I'll be keeping an eye on the pitches from game students, and hopefully I can incorporate my skills in composition as well. 

#5. Begin Research for Major Project (Tri6)

When we were watching the foley artists doing their thing in class the other day, I immediately thought of an idea that would be great for my final project. I discussed this with Rose and I will keep it under wraps from the internet until I have done enough research into what I need to make it work. 

#6. Recording the Band | Realistic Recording 

I would like to create a vlog webisode series that will go through the process of recording a band. This will include pre-production, production and post-production. I would also like to discuss the realities of recording. For example, Each room, instrument and musician is different, so it will require thoughtfulness in preparing for that situational recording. Here is a video that has inspired this idea, although I would like to use mine as one band, one session type of deal. 

I hope to get all of these done, but as I said earlier, I will only get them done with a basic level of organisation. I may have collaborations that pop up, and would love to help some others in their projects if I'm asked to do so. Creatively, I hope to expand my knowledge and have an extensive knowledge of analogogue signal flow. 



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