Film Post Production | I'll Learn from My Mistakes

I went into the Midi studio with confidante Liam Lyttle today to work on our film project and we did many things wrong. In saying that I'm thankful that we did. The biggest mistake we've made and something that has slowed the whole process down, was using a video file that is too big. This was such an obvious mistake, but a great lesson learnt.

What you need to do for smooth playback in Pro Tools:

  1. Increase sample rate to highest 
  2. select best quality on video output
  3. covert working video to lowest quality (This allows you to work without experience glitching, when trying to match audio and video)
  4. Select Low Latency Monitoring in options

We had completed the composition which we had both worked on for a week and after getting critical feedback from the facilitator, we were ready for our mix. In this session I have taken control of my bad data management and have adopted a new naming convention for my projects that will help me save files in chronological order. Below is a video that inspired me to work on this, and if I get into the habit it could make retrieving projects much easier. 

Michael Grecco talks about file naming conventions. Get ready folders, your bed is about to be made.

Our final session for this project is tomorrow morning and I'm already looking forward to sitting in the audience for this grad film. Tomorrow i'll be introducing a new project I have been developing with Director Enoch Toa. Stay tuned for more on this by subscribing to my blog and commenting below.