A Voiceover For Me and You


On Thursday the 1st of March, I went into the studio with friend and always passionate audio professional, Liam Lyttle. He was about to perform vocals on his debut CIU dialogue on the subject of 'Ideology and Power'. The voiceover was recorded in the Audient 8024 studio with the live room A attached. This made capturing the sound a little more difficult then in some of the other studios, because of the high resonants of 2kHz in that live room. To solve this problem, I surrounded Liam with three baffles, one on the back and two on the side. This made the room less reflective. 


The choice of microphone we used was the Electro-Voice RE-20, which has an internal shock mount and pop-filter built into it. This was a great choice for Liam's Vocals, because of the nice low-end in his voice. It was captured with an 1176 Limiter sent parallel into the vocal chain with the Ibanez EQ added after the compressor, I found these two quite a combo and it helped lift his voice in the quiet areas and just gave him an overall great sound. 

Liam set-up his own microphone, which is great to have someone that knows what they are doing when there is a wall between the two of you. I really enjoyed this production, and I made an effort to focus on whether he was saying any words wrong or muffling his speech in any way. I took notes, created the session and gave feedback to him in real time so the session would run smoothly. I'd like to try more of this type of work that could maybe help me get some work in radio or podcast production.