The Great Dynamic Range Podcast Episode 4 - Not All Podcasts are Made Equal

Welcome back to my journey through the great dynamic range, where I test my confidence and various mental health disorders in a confronting and not so serious manner. 

Last week we had Caleb, our SSA here at SAE Institute. His job is primarily making everyone at SAE feel like they're welcome in every aspect of their learning. I knew straight away that I wanted to ask this new addition to our campus, what his favourite superheroes were, and I did. He said he was more of a DC than Marvel guy, but I let it slide this once. I was more interested in the way he was able to connect the struggles of superheroes with the daily activities we as students are tasked to perform. We had a great chat and I'm really glad we could talk to him and find out how he's finding it here and what has changed for him. 

The second part of the podcast was dedicated to our podcasts and all was going well, until I used my weekly platform to trash the album I had to review. This was wrong and I realize now that it was very unprofessional and lacked the kind of depth I usually go into in some of my past reviews. I won't dwell on it, but thought you the reader should know that making mistakes can sometimes be embarrassing, but recognising them can do a world of good. 

In recent weeks we have discussed using more content, particularly in the reviews section to add some more spice within podcast. This conversation was based on some feedback I received from Sean Astill from the Tech team. He suggested we use opening music to introduce the podcast and cut content in and out of our conversations to make the show more appealing. After next week we will start integrating these changes and should hopefully have a more lively podcast. 

This week's podcast will feature Adrian Carroll who is a current SAE lecturer and studio professional. We're going to be talking to Adrian about the more technical aspects of the audio production industry. I'll be reviewing Choose Your Weapon by Hiatus Kaiyote.