The Great Dynamic Range Podcast Series - Getting Started

After weeks of blogging and trying to create, I have decided to venture into the realm of podcasting mine and my fellow colleagues' voices into the internet abyss in the hope someone is out there. It all started in the cafeteria where I made my pitch, which was just like one of my scheming ideas I normally have, but this time I wasn't over-ambitious. I started off by saying we should just have our normal cafeteria style banter at lunch but record it. That way we can reflect on and perfect our communication styles. Being the people they are, Bree, Liam, and Rosetta all jumped at it and began to turn that idea into a really fun concept. It is light funny and not over technical or boring. We really made an effort to work on content and a creative process. Today will be our first attempt at an episode and I know we will meet some challenges, but in the demo run, we tried the other day we came up with some interesting concepts and talking points. 

I know some of these questions may seem off topic, but in order to keep the majority of the podcast light, it was important everyone has there say and that we ask off-topic questions that showcase us as personalities and not as audio geniuses. In our demo session we had James Warmsely from Video Avenue along, who didn't want to be on the podcast but assisted in creative ideas and even offered to perform a song and share it on his band page to get us off the ground. 

Questions we'll focus on in the first Great Dynamic Range podcast will be funny studio names, instruments we played as kids, dream rider requests (if you don't know what a rider is you haven't lived), an album review and the above-mentioned performance with an interview of James. It's sure to be a huge learning curve, not only for me but the team as a whole. Skills we'll strengthen are communication, confidence, and teamwork. All things that will be necessary in order to be a part of the project. If you want to check out the album review I'll be talking about today go to my album review here.

I'll be uploading the audio for The Great Dynamic Range this weekend, so stay tuned. Hers's an example of a video podcast that draws the line between too technical and just random chat between friends.